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Since the community is "built out" and there are no model homes, individuals wishing to enter
the community to simply drive around and look at available re-sale homes in the community are no longer permitted. The Lakes on Eldridge North Community Association prefers that
individuals list their homes for sale with a licensed realtor and show them by appointment only.

Effective January 1, 2007, a realtor must accompany anyone who is house hunting. The gate
officers will obtain the business card of the realtor and log the license number and name in the
log book.

Open houses are permitted under the following conditions:

1. ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE OPEN HOUSE, the homeowner and/or realtor must
submit the following information in writing to the Principal Management Group of Houston on-site assistant at
• Address of the Open House
• Name, Phone Number and other contact information for the homeowner and/or realtor
• Dates and times of the Open House
2. NO directional signs are permitted at the gates or within the community.
3. One sign is permitted in the yard of the home at which the Open House is being held. The sign may be posted only during the actual time of the Open House and must be removed at the end of the Open House. An "Open House" rider may be placed on a regulation "For Sale" sign currently in the yard, but the deed restrictions (Article V. Section 1.,paragraph b) set forth the sign requirements and limit the number of one per property.
4. NO ENTRY for visitors to the Open House is permitted at the Resident entry gate
on West Little York under any circumstances! All visitors must enter and register at
the front gate at 12200 Tanner Road for the open house.
5. The front gate will not be allowed to stand open to admit people for the open house. All
visitors to the property must stop at the front gate and register with the gate officer.
6. Maps and directions to the Open House are to be provided to the Tanner Road gate
officer by the homeowner/realtor; Lakes on Eldridge North gate officers are not permitted
to provide maps or directions to Open House visitors.

Thank you! 


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