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General Pool Rules- Trident
Rules may vary from pool to pool depending on design of pool and individual Board of Directors request. All pools should have specific rules posted on location.
Guest will be expected to behave themselves in accordance with the facility rules. Anyone disobeying rules, ignoring lifeguard instruction, or engaging the safety of other people will be asked to leave the facility. If an unwanted guest refuses to leave the facility, the police will be notified. Repeated violations will result in the revocation of swimming pool privileges.
Guest will be expected to obey the following rules:
  1. All guest must sign in when they enter the facility, allowing us to keep track of the number of patrons in the facility in the event of an emergency
  2. Pets are not allowed inside the facility. Pet hair is potentially damaging to swimming pool filtration systems. Additionally some pets do not interact well with unknown persons.
  3. Running is not allowed inside the facility.
  4. Dunking, pushing, shoving, and any other form of horseplay in not allowed.
  5. Foul or abusive language is not tolerated. It will be viewed as a precursor to physical violence. Physical violence is never tolerated inside the facility.
  6. All guest are subject to a swim test. Guest who are unable to swim one lap of the pool will not be granted access to the deeper areas.
  7. Ten minute breaks will be taken each hour (adult swim). This is to ensure the safety of all swimmers under the age of 18.*
  8. Proper swim attire is always required for use of pool.
  9. Only one guest allowed on the diving board at a time.*
  10. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years of age.
  11. Alcohol is not allowed inside the facility. Any person suspected of using alcohol shortly before or during their visit to the facility will be asked to leave.
  12. Smoking is not allowed inside the facility.
  13. No glass is allowed inside the facility
  14. Children in diapers must wear proper swim attire in order to prevent the spread of E-coli bacteria from fecal deposits in both wader and main pool.
  15. Lifeguards are the last word in regards to enforcing facility rules. The goal is to provide a safe, simple and secure plan worthy of an aquatic atmosphere. Those not adhering to lifeguard recommendations put themselves and others in compromising situations and will be asked to leave.
* Please see Exhibit “D” area specific rules and regulations 

Slides are designed with the intent to provide family entertainment. People of all ages may participate on these attractions.  Only one guest may ride on the slide at a time. Lifeguards need to control the dispatch of the slides. Lifeguards should not dispatch guest down the slide until the exit area is cleared of guest. This will prevent patrons from injuring each other as a result of direct contact.
  1. Guest must be at least 42” tall to participate
  2. Swimwear with metal snaps, buttons, zippers, and other hard fasteners are not allowed.
  3. Eyeglasses, sunglasses, and jewelry are not allowed.
  4. Only one guest may participate on the slide at a time.
  5. Guest must immediately exit the slide dispatch area upon entering the water
  6. Guest wearing flotation devices are not allowed to participate on slide.
  7. No pushing, pulling, shoving, or other horseplay allowed on or near the slide
  8. All guest are required to ride the slide on their back in the feet first position
  9. Stopping is not allowed on the slide
  10. Guest with heart conditions, back problems, and expecting mothers should not participate on a slid
Trident Aquatics LLC reserves the right to test the swimming ability of any guest. Passage of the one lap test displays ability to use the entire pool. One lap equals two lengths of the longest distance of the pool.
One ten minute break will be taken ten minutes before the hour, every hour. This is to serve as a time of rest for our guest under the age of 18. During these breaks adults over 18 years of age will be permitted in the water. Adults may escort small children with them at this time.
The diving area is unique to the rest of the aquatic facility, thus requiring a separate set of rules. They are as follows:
  1. One diver on diving board at a time.
  2. No running on the diving board
  3. Guest waiting in line are to wait until previous diver has exited the water
  4. Weak swimmers and guest not passing the swim test are not allowed to use the diving board.
  5. Horseplay is not permitted on or near the diving board
  6. Guest with back problems should not participate on a diving board
  7. Flips, somersaults, etc. are not permitted.
  8. No swimming in the diving area when the diving board is open. The lifeguard(s) determine when the diving boards are open/closed. (Approximately half an hour every hour.)
  9. Guest must exit the diving area immediately after completing dive.
  10. Guest wearing personal floatation devices are not permitted use of the diving board
  11. Google, flippers, or snorkels are not permitted on the diving board or slide
                Children over 42” tall are not allowed children’s pool usage. These pools are designated so a person 42” tall can stand with their head fully above water. Parents/guardians are welcome to participate with their children. However, these smaller pools are not designated to accommodate heavy bather loads, thus participation will be monitored. As stated above, children in diapers must wear proper swim attire to use these pools. 

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